The reasons why video in the contact center is going mainstream.

In this article by Contact Center Pipeline, Lifesize’s CEO Trent Waterhouse discusses how video-enabled contact center support allows businesses to connect and interact with each other and customers better. From allowing customer service representatives to literally see what the customer sees, to providing that all too important human interaction and connection component that seems to be missing from so many online interactions these days, leveraging video-enabled contact center solutions like CxEngage to improve your CX can help your business rise above the rest.

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  • AI and Video: A CX Match Made in Heaven
    • 34 percent of U.S. customers cited “Automated Telephone System (IVR) / Inability to reach a live person for customer support” as “the most frustrating aspect of a customer service experience” — more than any other issue. This tension provides a perfect backdrop for how AI and video should be working together towards a differentiated customer experience. Chatbots and speech-to-text can make your agents’ and your customers’ lives easier, but only if used judiciously, and in the right types of interactions. A video contact center service, on the other hand, can provide the in-depth, human interactions that customers now expect in real time from brands, but only if it can be surfaced at the right points in the contact flow.
  • 12 Contact Center KPIs and Metrics for Customer Satisfaction
    • The primary goal of a contact center is to provide meaningful service to anyone who interacts with your organization, independent of the channel they choose. This objective is fairly ambitious due to all the moving parts involved, like the intricacies of underlying technologies and the variety of personalities on your team. To exceed customers’ expectations, contact centers should offer the business visibility into all aspects of their departmental activities and performance. While it’s relatively easy to obtain key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, the challenge is formulating the right set of contact center KPIs for each group of stakeholders – executives, directors, supervisors, agents, quality management (QM) managers, trainers and workforce managers.
  • Pearson Education’s Contact Center Heroics
    • Pearson’s Manager of Systems and Technology discusses how CxEngage helped save Pearson close to $1.5 Million in licensing costs and had their agents transitioning from in-person work to remote work in under three weeks. Not only was ROI immediate upon implementation, but CxEngage allowed Pearson to leverage in-detail agent reporting, improve their data consistency, and incorporate new and existing APIs to create a comprehensive, all-in-one, cloud-based CCaaS solution tailored to fulfill their quality management and omnichannel customer support needs.