Over 55% of consumers have utilized video to connect with businesses and service providers in the past years. With a decrease in in-person operations across all industries and an increase in customer demand for omnichannel customer support, leveraging video in your contact center is a method of maintaining personal connection, empathy, and attention to detail via an online customer experience.

In this article by Forbes, we discuss the benefits of an omnichannel, video-enabled contact center service, speaking to noted improvements in support call resolution times, agent productivity, and customer retention amongst CxEngage by Serenova customers.

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  • AI and Video: A CX Match Made in Heaven
    • 34 percent of U.S. customers cited “Automated Telephone System (IVR) / Inability to reach a live person for customer support” as “the most frustrating aspect of a customer service experience” — more than any other issue. This tension provides a perfect backdrop for how AI and video should be working together towards a differentiated customer experience. Chatbots and speech-to-text can make your agents’ and your customers’ lives easier, but only if used judiciously, and in the right types of interactions. A video contact center service, on the other hand, can provide the in-depth, human interactions that customers now expect in real time from brands, but only if it can be surfaced at the right points in the contact flow.
  • The Cloud Migration Checklist: How to Seamlessly Move to the Cloud
    • Most organizations have started to steer clear of on-premises computing solutions in favor of a cloud contact center environment. Organizations across industries now commonly use cloud services, such as video contact center services, and almost all new business applications are engineered and developed to work within a cloud environment. Migrating to the cloud has become even more important in an era where remote work has become the norm. Cloud migration enables secure access to data from anywhere, as well as allowing businesses to reduce costs and streamline processes. It also affords multiple models for organizations to choose from, including public cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and private cloud. Experts believe that even more companies will move to the cloud in the near future.
  • Pearson Education’s Contact Center Heroics
  • Pearson’s Manager of Systems and Technology discusses how CxEngage helped save Pearson close to $1.5 Million in licensing costs and had their agents transitioning from in-person work to remote work in under three weeks. Not only was ROI immediate upon implementation, but CxEngage allowed Pearson to leverage in-detail agent reporting, improve their data consistency, and incorporate new and existing APIs to create a comprehensive, all-in-one, cloud-based CCaaS solution tailored to fulfill their quality management and omnichannel customer support needs.