Lifesize®’s affordable telepresence products driving industry transition to high definition

Lifesize Communications, the global leader in high definition visual communications, has been named “Videoconferencing Company of the Year” for 2007 by leading UK industry authority Videoconferencing Insight, calling the company’s technology “the most innovative and efficient in the industry” and calling the price/performance of Lifesize products “truly amazing.”

“Lifesize Communications is chosen as our ‘Videoconferencing Company of the Year 2007,’” said Richard Line, Editor, Videoconferencing Insight. “Lifesize expanded its range of affordable, high definition videoconferencing systems and HD video infrastructure products in 2007 and included the entry-level Lifesize Express and a telepresence solution – Lifesize Conference.”

“Lifesize was the first company to offer high definition systems and remains the leader in price/performance terms today,” said Line. “The company focused on creating HD VC systems from the outset almost five years ago and its technology is the most innovative and efficient in the industry.

Videoconferencing Insight predicted a rapid adoption of high definition, and observed that affordable Lifesize products are becoming the main force that drives that market transition.

“We built this company to deliver an experience so compelling that people would naturally select visual communications instead of traveling,” said Craig Malloy, CEO and founder, Lifesize Communications. “With our expanded product portfolio, superior video quality and price/performance leadership, we see the end of the standard definition video era and the beginning of mainstream adoption of high definition for everyone.”

Full details regarding the award can be seen in the current edition of Videoconferencing Insight newsletter at

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