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What is it?

Access Controlled Reports and a new corresponding Access Controlled Supervisor Role are now available. With these features, you can choose which reports and dashboards you want to explicitly share with users.

Sharing specific reports and dashboards with users who have the new Access Controlled Supervisor Role or a custom role with the ASSIGNED_REPORTS_READ permission ensures that they can only view those reports and dashboards. They won’t be able to access any other reports or dashboards in the tenant. For example, if your tenant consists of multiple brands that share the same group of agents, you can use access controlled reports to ensure the supervisors only see their own brand’s data.

With Access Controlled Reports, you can:

  • Grant access to individual standard and custom real-time dashboards
  • Grant access to public collections of historical standard and custom reports

We’ve also added a Lock to Queue feature in custom real-time dashboards so you can specify which queues can be selected in source switcher widgets. When that source switcher is connected to statistic or table widgets with queue data, users can only select from the pre-defined list of queues.

Roles and Permissions for Access Controlled Reports

Users with the new Access Controlled Supervisor role can access their user profile and any reports or dashboards that are explicitly shared with them. Additionally, we’re introducing two new permissions, which are available to add to custom roles:

  1. ASSIGNED_REPORTS_READ: Users belonging to a role with this permission can view reports and dashboards that are shared with them using access controlled reports. We’ve added this permission to the default Administrator and Access Controlled Supervisor roles.
  2. ASSIGN_REPORTS: Users belonging to a role with this permission can add users to access controlled reports to begin sharing the reports or dashboards or remove users from access controlled reports to stop sharing the reports or dashboards. We’ve added this permission to the default Administrator role.

Good to Know

Existing users who have their own existing private collections in historical reporting (including the default My Reports collection) will continue to have access to view the reports and dashboards in these collections even after being switched to the new Access Controlled Supervisor role, but would be unable to create any new reports going forward unless granted permissions to do so.