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What is it?
By default, agents are now notified by an audio and visual notification when they receive a voice, SMS, or chat interaction offer if their Skylight session is not the browser window in focus. This prevents agents from missing an interaction offer if they navigate away from their Skylight session. Agents have the option to disable notifications in the Preferences menu on the global footer.

Key Benefit(s)
This feature resolves the issue of agents missing interactions, which is most important for non-voice channels such as native chat, which does not provide an audio notification similar to voice. Benefits include:

  • Improved SLA
  • Decrease the amount of missed interactions
  • Partner response time
  • Good to Know

Note that visual notifications are not supported in the following circumstances:

  • When Skylight is embedded in a 3rd party system such as Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk Support
  • When using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 web browser

In Action
Serenova Product Manager Robert Foley demonstrates two new agent experience features in CxEngage. “Visual and Audio Notifications” alert agents of new customer interactions. The “Copy Chat Transcripts” feature enables agents to easily copy and paste the transcript in an email, CRM, etc.