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What is it?
The Click to Dial flow notation has been updated to support dialing to additional endpoint types including SIP and WebRTC. This enables you to leverage other SIP providers to route your click to dial traffic through instead of directly using PSTN. In order to leverage this capability you will need to customize your click to dial flow to convert the number dialed into a sip endpoint before passing it into the click to dial flow.

The name and order of inputs parameters for Click to Dial have also been updated to make it easier to use. For example, the parameters are now organized to follow a call’s sequence of events, and some have been renamed to clarify their purpose. The Flow Designer Reference and Click to Dial topics have been updated with the new details.

Key Benefit(s)
Easier to use
Supports more outbound end points for click to dial use cases

Good to Know
With additional customization in your flow, you can now route click to dial PSTN traffic through another SIP provider