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What is it?
Collect Message Response is a new flow notation that sends a message and collects the customer response message. It is similar to the Collect Digits notation used for voice calls, but for native chat or Facebook messenger interactions. Response data can be used in a number of ways, depending on your flow design.

  • Key Benefit(s)
    Collect Message Response can ask a chat customer what they’re looking for, and send the interaction to the appropriate queue.
  • Customer response data can be presented to an agent in the form of an agent script.
  • Response data can be used in a data exchange notation. For example, Collect Message
  • Response can ask customers to provide their case number. The response can be used to fetch data from your CRM. A message can be sent back to the customer with a status update, or the case can be presented in a screen pop to the agent.

Good to Know
Collect Message Response is available for native chat and Facebook messenger.

SMS response data will be collected in the future.

Key Links
Flow Designer Reference (link is external)