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What is it?

The ability to configure SLA for your tenant is now available. In addition to setting the Service Level Threshold, you can specify how you want abandons to be treated within SLA:

  • Exclude Abandons: Calls that are abandoned within the abandon threshold are excluded from the SLA calculation, or
  • Count Abandons Against SLA: Any call that abandons is included in the SLA calculation because it is considered a lost opportunity and negatively impacts SLA.

Additional details:

  • The SLA configuration can be viewed and updated in the configuration interface under Configuration > Statistics or using the API.
  • SLA can be configured only for tenants. It can’t currently be configured by queue.
  • There can only be one SLA defined per tenant at a time. Data will only be captured for their current set/defined SLA; therefore, users will have the option to use our default SLA or set their own desired “configurable” SLA.
  • If you define a new SLA, real-time reporting will start generating data based on the newly defined SLA. Historical reporting will start capturing/recording data based on the newly defined SLA; however, previous recorded stats will remain/reflect whatever SLA was defined when they were captured.

Good to Know

In the default SLA calculation, the SLA threshold is 20 seconds and the abandons that occur in 20 seconds or less are excluded. The gauge widget on standard real-time dashboards represents a target of at least 80% of interactions meeting SLA.