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What is it?
Agents using any Skylight product can now copy their chat transcripts. To copy a chat transcript for native chat, SMS, and Facebook Messaging interactions to a clipboard, click the Copy button at the top of the interaction. The copied contents can then be pasted elsewhere, for example, into a CRM.

Key Benefit(s)
You can copy a chat transcript any time during an interaction, including during wrap up. When the wrap up ends, or an interaction without wrap up enabled ends, the Copy button is no longer available. You can override the current transcript copy by clicking Copy again, taking the most recent version of the transcript.

Transcripts include the entire conversation at the point of being copied, including any messages sent by the flow prior to being conferenced with an agent, and any transferred interaction conversations.

Transcripts include the following details in addition to the message contents:

  • Agent Name
  • Customer Name
  • Conversation thread, which identifies when the agent and customer each entered text
  • Time stamp
  • Messaging channel used (native chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger)
  • Good to Know
  • Transcripts currently display all agents as “Agent” instead of displaying their name.
  • This will be updated in a future release so that full names are displayed in reporting and transcripts.

In Action
Serenova Product Manager Robert Foley demonstrates two new agent experience features in CxEngage. “Visual and Audio Notifications” alert agents of new customer interactions. The “Copy Chat Transcripts” feature enables agents to easily copy and paste the transcript in an email, CRM, etc.