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What is it?
Custom user management email templates are now available. Email templates define the content of transactional emails. Transactional emails are sent when new or existing users are added to your tenant and when users need to reset their password.

Key Benefit(s)
Administrators can now customize these emails to add more information related to their business, such as how to contact their own internal support team or add some branding information like their company name or business unit.

Good to Know
The email templates can be shared with child tenants. Create branded templates at your top-level master tenant and have all child tenants inherit those changes. Child tenants can still override the emails with their own branding if desired and decide whether their custom version should be shared with its children or not.

If users belong to multiple tenants, when using the forgot password feature they will receive the forgot password email from their default tenant. A user’s tenant can be set in their user profile in the configuration UI or as part of the Skylight login experience (note that setting the default tenant as part of the Skylight login experience is part of SSO GA in late June 2018).

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