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What is it?
A new flow notation called Exit Queue is now available. This notation dequeues an interaction similar to the Dequeue After Timeout option within the queueing notations (link is external). Exit Queue is intended to be used within a reusable flow such as a media loop in a Queue with Flow but will work elsewhere as well.

To use Exit Queue, design your flow to catch a new signal (link is external) called dequeue-forced and include a path to follow if it’s received. For example, you can connect the dequeuing path in your reusable flow to the Disconnect event. This sends the interaction back to the main interaction flow.

Key Benefit(s)
When using the Queue with Flow notations a flow designer can now decide to remove the interaction from the queue based on other information collected while the customer is waiting on a queue such as asking the customer if they want a callback or to leave a voicemail.

Good to Know
If an interaction is dequeued from the Exit Queue notation and the dequeue-forced signal is not caught, then the interaction will automatically be terminated so it is important to handle catching the dequeue-forced signal when using this feature!

Different signals are used for Dequeue After Timeout and Exit Queue, so these use cases can be distinguished in flow to allow for different experiences to be created and, so they can be reported on separately.

Key Links
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