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What is it?
Generic lists allow the creation of customized lists of information that can be used by flow to lookup information or make routing decisions.

Key Benefit(s)

  • Allows creation of custom lookup tables and data structures that can be leveraged to provide additional customization in flows
  • Create PBX like functionality to lookup an extension and forward a call to a DID
  • Create dynamic routing lookup tables where the generic list holds a mapping of individual agents to specific queues
  • Implement custom “entities” such as a Media Library where the list contains a key such as a language that maps to a specific media object or url. E.g. A main menu list that given a language will return the media object for the main menu in the language specified.

Good to Know

  • Lists are limited to 1000 items
  • Bulk updates are supported via CSV and also limited to 1000 changes at once (e.g. only 1000 rows in the CSV can be process at once, even if it contains deletes and additions that result in less than 1000 items in the list CxEngage will only process the first 1000 items in the file.
  • The Listing UI was updated to a new framework that will be used elsewhere in the configuration UI in the future as we make changes and additions to other pages

To learn more about lists, see Lists on our documentation pages, and the List API documentation.