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What is it?
Agents can now select a new work mode called Do Not Disturb Outbound, in addition to the existing Inbound and Outbound options.

Interactions that are initiated by an agent, regardless of their selected work mode (Inbound/Outbound/Do Not Disturb Outbound), will now use a new interaction direction of Agent Initiated. For example, any interactions created by an agent using Click to Dial, Click to SMS or Click to Email.

Key Benefit(s)
While in this new Do Not Disturb Outbound work mode, agents are logged in and able to initiate outbound interactions without being offered any other inbound or outbound interactions. Only interactions that are initiated by that agent are allowed.

Good to Know
Agents in the Do Not Disturb Outbound work mode are filtered out of the Transfer list in Skylight and are not available to transfer. Users must have the MANAGE_MY_DIRECTION permission to be able to modify their work mode direction, between Inbound, Outbound and Do Not Disturb Outbound. Users without the MANAGE_MY_DIRECTION permission only have an Inbound work mode. The standard Agent, Supervisor and Administrator roles have the MANAGE_MY_DIRECTION permission.

Interactions handled while in Do Not Disturb Outbound will appear as the interaction direction type of Agent Initiated in real-time dashboards, historical reporting and Contact history in Skylight. We’ve added Agent Initiated to the Direction filter, in addition to the existing Inbound and Outbound options.

Your existing Click to Dial dispatch mappings should have a mapping direction of Outbound. We have duplicated those dispatch mappings for you to automatically create a new one with a direction of Agent Initiated.

  • If you only use Click to Dial for agent-initiated interactions, you can disable or repurpose your previous dispatch mapping with the Outbound direction.
  • If you use Click to Dial for customer requested calls, your previous dispatch mapping with an Outbound direction is still necessary.

Do Not Disturb is available to Skylight users. This feature is not available for the Agent Toolbar.

In Action
Serenova Product Manager Matia Walker demonstrates “Do Not Disturb Outbound Mode,” a brand new agent work mode available in CxEngage Skylight. The new “agent initiated direction” can be seen in both real-time dashboards and historical reporting.