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What is it?
CxEngage can now record a temporary audio file with a new flow notation called Record Audio. A participant can record a .wav or .mp3 file that can be played back elsewhere in the flow. These audio recordings are deleted from CxEngage when the interaction ends. Temporary audio recordings can be used in multiple ways. For example, a customer requesting a queue callback can leave a voice message that is played to the agent as the pre-callback media. Temporary audio recordings can also be uploaded to Salesforce objects as attachments by using the new SFDXE Upload Attachment notation, which is also included in this release.

Key Benefit(s)
Along with custom callbacks can be used to create voicemail like experiences or a route to voicemail flow
Ability to record short audio snippets in an IVR

Good to Know
Works along with other recently released functionality to create even more experiences.
Combine with Save as Artifact to save the recording so it is available in historical reporting
Combine with Upload to Salesforce to save the recording file in a Salesforce record. Allows you to create an upload to lead workflow with Salesforce

Key Links
Flow Designer Reference