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What is it?
The following statistics are now available in realtime and historical reporting:

Customer Hold Abandons: The number of interactions where customers abandoned while they were on hold. This includes if a customer is on hold because a transfer or add participant action was initiated or if they are explicitly placed on hold by the agent. The Interaction Summary and Interaction Detail standard reports now include Customer Hold Abandons.

Agent Customer Hold Abandons: The number of agents participating in the interaction when a customer abandoned while on hold. For example, if there are 3 agents participating in an interaction and the customer disconnects while on hold, the Agent Customer Hold Abandon count is 3. In a report that displays statistics for each agent, each agent in the interaction will have an Agent Customer Hold Abandon counted for them. The Interaction Summary by Agent and Interaction Detail by Agent standard reports now include Agent Customer Hold Abandons.

Key Benefit(s)
Provide greater granularity into abandons, giving supervisors additional insight into when and where abandons occur.

Good to Know

  • Agent Initiated Customer Hold: The number of times that an agent, who wasn’t in an internal consult, placed a customer on hold. In other words, this statistic is measured when there is only one agent interacting with the customer and the agent places that customer on hold.
  • Customer Holds: The number of times that the customer was put on hold during an interaction.

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