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What is it?

In a previous release, we introduced early media for Queue Callback and Click-to-Dial functions. Early media plays media provided by the telephony carrier to an agent until the dialed participant answers. Some users have experienced brief periods of silence with the carrier provided Early Media. To help resolve this, we’ve added the option of using a media file from your tenant as a Ringing Media. Switching to or adding the Ringing Media improves agent experience by decreasing or removing the periods of silence with Early Media.

Good to Know:

  1. Ringing Media plays a media file from your tenant until the agent and dialed party are conferenced. If used in conjunction with Early Media, the Ringing Media plays first until the carrier’s Early Media begins. Please note that there may be a brief period of silence between the two medias.
  2. Ringing Media should be a short audio file for optimal performance. For example, a brief recording of a ringing phone.
  3. We recommend that tenants in a high latency environment don’t use the carrier provided Early Media and only use Ringing Media to avoid extended periods of silence before ringing.