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What is it?
An out of-the-box integration between the Skylight agent experience and Salesforce Lightning. The integration allows agents to manage interactions from within the new Salesforce Lightning experience and view custom objects for the interactions under the activity records.

  • Key Benefit(s)
    Activity records for CxEngage and Salesforce Lighting to report on important information such as channel and call recordings.
  • Notifications to screen pop the interaction before accepting and always having the correct interaction in focus for the agent
  • Improved UI/UX experience for agents with Skylight

Good to Know
This needs to be installed via an unmanaged package.

When contact details conflict (e.g. two records with the same phone or email address), Skylight provides the ability to link, merge, update or delete record relationships. When viewing Salesforce records, you can click phone numbers that have a phone icon to initiate an outbound voice call or SMS interaction.

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