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What is it?
An out-of-the-box integration between the Skylight agent experience and the CRM system. The integration allows agents to manage interactions from within the Salesforce UI and provides full context of the interaction through a data exchange between CxEngage and Salesforce.

Key Benefit(s)

  • Streamlined agent experience for receiving and managing interactions for contact centers that use
  • The two systems work together to provide you with the information that you need from Salesforce to manage your customer interactions in Skylight.
  • Reduced handling times and improved customer satisfaction from agents having full context of the customer journey front and center from the initiation of an interaction.
  • Advanced notification upon presentation of interaction to agent. Notification indicates channel and the contacts details along with a coordinated screen pop to the underlying Salesforce records such as the contact record and the open case(s).

Good to Know
When contact details conflict (e.g. two records with the same phone or email address), Skylight provides the ability to link, merge, update or delete record relationships. When viewing Salesforce records, you can click phone numbers that have a phone icon to initiate an outbound voice call or SMS interaction.

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