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What is it?
CxEngage now supports third-party conferencing. A new flow notation called Conference 3rd Party allows you to access features available through your third-party providers and incorporate them into your CxEngage tenant. Third-party conferencing is intended to be used during the IVR or routing phase of an interaction flow. Custom SIP headers are supported and can pass information to the third-party’s platform. Information is sent back to CxEngage using REST API calls.

Key Benefit(s)
Integrate with a 3rd party automatic voice recognition service, you can design your flow to conference the service in, identify what the caller is looking for, and provide that information back to CxEngage for queue routing.

Good to Know
Built to use SIP to enable the ability to pass custom headers with information to the 3rd party

Information can be passed to CxEngage through a REST API call back to flow with new information.

Supports a simple flow where only a one response back from the 3rd party is expected or build a more advanced integrate where multiple responses are passed back to flow as they are collected by the 3rd party service.