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What is it?

In this update, we’ve added support for a broader, more granular set of metrics in our WFM APIs that more closely align to Queue Interactions reports. The additional Queue Interaction stats in the API will provide WFM vendors with greater granularity to create a more accurate forecast.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide WFM vendors and customers confidence that data is lining up in CxEngage and the WFM system.
  • Support a broader set of metrics in our WFM APIs at an interval level that align to Queue Interactions reports. Adding additional Queue Interaction stats into the API will help partners reconcile data pulls against our CxEngage Historical reports in the event data disputes and escalations arise.

Good to Know:

It is important to keep in mind that queue and interaction count data may not appear to be in sync when looking at real-time reporting data. Interactions may cross intervals, or not be completed yet. For example, an inbound caller requesting a queue callback counts as offered calls but won’t count as handled until the callback is completed. If you’re looking at real-time data before the callback is completed, you should expect a difference between those counts.

For details on the new statistics added to the WFM Queue Interval API, please see the Release Notes.