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At a Glance

Industry: Banking and Finance

Employees: 600+

Customer Since: 2012

Why Lifesize

  • Secure and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-efficient
  • Streaming and recording
  • Connect anywhere, on any device
  • 24x7x365 support


Equiom Trust Company is a global professional services provider supporting corporations and high net-worth individuals with their financial and related support service needs. With offices and employees across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, the company is dedicated to providing customers support in fields or departments that they might not have the bandwidth to staff.


Equiom needed a way to make communication as efficient as possible to create a stable work environment for its employees. However, Equiom faced a technical challenge getting everyone connected in the best and most secure way possible, made more challenging due to the need to support a distributed workforce and desire to provide remote workers a consistent experience.

“As we grow globally, there are challenges from an operations, interaction and technical standpoint. Video conferencing has reached a point where it is not only viable, but a preferred way to collaborate because of its effectiveness in helping people communicate, and also because it can be deployed so quickly and easily.”

— Stephen Roberts, Global Chief Information Officer at Equiom


A longtime Lifesize customer, Equiom’s IT team had a good foundation to build on when it began searching for ways to improve collaboration across the organization. To support Equiom’s growing video conferencing deployment, Lifesize delivered a holistic video conferencing solution capable of integrating seamlessly with other productivity tools that employees rely on to perform their job functions, further streamlining workflows and creating a familiar experience across devices and meeting types. Adding new users was straightforward, and the platform’s ease of use also enabled Equiom to enhance how it works with customers and other third parties outside of the organization.

“Lifesize allows new employees to integrate more easily, putting faces to names and creating better working relationships across the group.”


Employees now regularly set up Lifesize meetings with their clients and enjoy the benefits of face-to-face communication without the need to travel. With Lifesize’s record and share capability, even the CEO at Equiom has wholeheartedly adopted Lifesize as a way to maintain consistent communication and personal relationships with the people important to the organization.

“Lifesize is a very mature product, which is important, and the company demonstrates that it listens. We’ve seen that in new features that have been added, for example, and that makes you feel good about your decision to go with a supplier like Lifesize. It’s a no-brainer.”