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FAES FARMA is a Spanish pharmaceutical company with extensive international experience in researching, producing and marketing pharmaceutical products and raw materials. The company has been recognized for an unwavering quest for excellence, the constant pursuit of maximum pharmacological quality in all its products and their effort to always offer highly effective solutions for their patients.


With physical presence in several countries and almost 1,200 employees between its o ice in Madrid, its factory and R&D center in Leoia (Bizkaia), and its subsidiaries inside and outside the Iberian Peninsula, FAES FARMA needed a robust video solution to support their global communication strategy and improve overall collaboration during a time of organizational growth.

The organization was looking for a solution that would enhance internal management across their different locations as well as support external communication needs with partners, laboratories and customers. In 2014, several audio-only conference rooms were replaced with software-based video solutions, but it wasn’t good enough. The company needed a solution that could make use of the standards-based video systems they had previously invested in, and interoperability with H.323, WebRTC, and SIP was a necessity.


Lifesize was in the consideration set along with four other solutions. From the ease of use of the solution to the proactive customer support, Lifesize stood out among the rest and was a clear choice. FAES FARMA deployed the Lifesize cloud service for better connectivity and compatibility with other systems, eliminating the need for legacy on-site infrastructure equipment. And because Lifesize interoperates with standards-based third-party video systems, FAES FARMA was able to make use of their previous conference room hardware investments.


“We decided to select Lifesize because of its ease of use, support, and of course, price. Our projects and collaborations are increasingly ‘inter-company,’ and their professional solution gives us the reliability we need while also offering savings in travel time, calls and travel budget.”

— Jaime Lopez Ostio, CIO of FAES FARMA


Since deploying Lifesize, more employees at FAES FARMA are asking for video conferencing rooms. Thanks to the degree of performance satisfaction and the advantages of video conferencing solutions in the cloud, the company is evaluating the possibility of deploying additional Lifesize® IconTM video conferencing systems across Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Mexico.

All departments of FAES FARMA currently use Lifesize video conference rooms — Finance, Purchasing, Registries, Quality, Production, Sales, Medical, Legal, Pharmacovigilance, Engineering, General Management and, of course, the Information Technology group.

“Part of my responsibility as a CIO is the identification and use of new tools for better business management. And with the choice of Lifesize we have managed to optimize this management through the improvement of both internal and external communication.”