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Forest Lake Academy is a college-preparatory Seventh-Day Adventist Christian boarding academy for high school students. Located in a suburb of Orlando, Florida, the school is owned and operated by the Florida Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists.

With an extensive distance education program, Forest Lake Academy has an international reach, with students dialing in to the classroom from Chicago and even Bermuda.


While most of Forest Lake Academy’s students reside within the immediate community, the school serves between 45 and 50 distance-learning students from all around the world. With a mission to provide students a parochial education anchored in the teachings of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, the school wanted to make sure they were equipped with the right technology to give all students a complete classroom experience.


With Lifesize, the school can extend their reach to service all members of the church. The cost- e ectiveness and cloud-based service of Lifesize combined with the quality of video was too good to turn down.

“Because video is so easily accessed by students, all they need is an internet-connected device with a webcam. The user interface is so simple that it makes our o ering very appealing to potential families and helps us better market our distance-learning program.”

— David Denton, Principal, Forest Lake Academy


The learning experience for remote students at Forest Lake Academy is real time and the same as if they were physically in the room. The way students and teachers communicate hasn’t changed; rather, the accessibility and reach has changed drastically for the better.

“No matter where I am, if someone has a question or needs me, I can immediately check into that classroom via video and be a part of the conversation can easily communicate with each other and reap the benefits of video communication.“