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Closing the physical gap across 29 countries with video conferencing at The Eulen Group

Closing the physical gap across 29 countries with video conferencing at The Eulen Group


The Eulen Group, a Spanish family company, is a national leader in the provision of security, janitorial and general services for a range of industries from education and health science to tourism and transportation. With a global workforce of more than 90,000 employees, physical presence in 14 countries and virtual coverage in an additional 29 countries, the company relies on their ability to facilitate global communications effectively.


The company valued PC-based video conferencing for meetings where participants dialed in individually but realized that this wasn’t the best way to meet — especially for calls made in large meeting spaces. While employees were used to huddling around their PCs in the meeting room, they knew they needed a higher quality solution that a PC-based solution just wasn’t able to achieve.

They decided to pursue a professional video conferencing solution to improve the productivity and quality of meetings between remote rooms. They wanted a solution that would provide the company with a network of video conferencing rooms while also enabling remote individuals with a software solution for connecting to the meeting from their laptops and mobile devices.


Lifesize provided the Eulen Group with a suite of demo meeting room systems so the organization could really experience for themselves what a high quality and intuitive solution was like. Not only did they see the benefits immediately — they were also surprised how consistent their meeting experience was, as if they were meeting with each other face to face. Now Lifesize is the link between the Eulen Group headquarters and the country offices.

Between the quality of the experience and access to the extensive Lifesize partner network that provides global maintenance, easy management and support services at a set price, Eulen has found their solution.

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“We are a real example of what Lifesize can offer companies of our same volume within the Iberia market. The simplicity and reliability of the solution, together with the superior quality in the technology of its meeting room systems, is the reason we’ve partnered with Lifesize for almost a decade across our offices around the world.”

— Alejandro Las Heras Vázquez, CTO of the EULEN Group 


In addition to the quality, reliability and ease of use of the Lifesize solution, the agility and sheer comfort of meeting face to face while reducing travel expenses and time has been the biggest win for the Eulen Group. Even the system administration and management are intuitive with Lifesize. The Eulen Group has grown with Lifesize for almost ten years, and due to the continuous innovation and development of high quality solutions, the organization has even started to deploy Lifesize Shares across their offices for easy content sharing and cable elimination.


For an organization as large as the Eulen Group, Lifesize plays a huge role in closing the physical gap between offices across countries and truly creating lasting relationships. Lifesize has made it possible to approach and “humanize” these relationships remotely among employees, achieving a more pleasant and fluid experience on a day-to-day basis.

“Lifesize has been key in our international expansion strategy since the beginning, and the partner community has been really helpful for us in being able to deploy the equipment in an organized manner in all the 14 countries in which we operate.”