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Premier coworking company uses Lifesize to become the largest video conferencing space in Mexico


IOS Offices offers premier coworking spaces and serviced offices throughout Mexico’s 12 most influential city centers. Combining stunning architecture, modern office design and innovative solutions, IOS Offices procures collaborative spaces for bustling entrepreneurs, executives and international teams. We recently visited one of their offices in Mexico City and spoke with CIO Humberto Camacho about how they have equipped each of their 30+ locations across Mexico with Lifesize video conferencing solutions in their meeting rooms and huddle rooms as well as across laptops and mobile phones. 

As a company that strives to stay ahead of the curve and adjust to the needs of their customers, IOS Offices was faced with the challenge of being “just another coworking space.” A total of 70,000 square meters of huddle rooms, conference rooms and cushy open office space didn’t prove enough for the ever-growing number of remote workers. IOS clients needed an easy-to-use and robust solution for staying connected with their teams, vendors and customers. By offering their clients access to a cutting edge, unified communication solution like Lifesize, IOS Offices has a unique and competitive offering that continues to attract new businesses and remote workers. When coupled with Lifesize’s desktop and mobile applications, IOS Offices’ clients stay connected and productive no matter their location.

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“Thanks to Lifesize’s versatility and simplicity, IOS Offices has become the biggest video conferencing space in Mexico.”

— Humberto Camacho, CIO

By combining an amazing cloud video conferencing service together with the leading meeting room hardware, IOS Offices’ customers can easily connect with other IOS Offices and remote coworkers using Lifesize, giving them the absolute best quality experience possible for their business communications.