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Ligentia is a leading global freight and supply chain management provider, dedicated to delivering specialist supply chain solutions within retail, manufacturing, defense and mining. Focused on assisting customers with supply chain performance improvement initiatives that drive down costs and improve customer satisfaction, Ligentia leads in their  eld for quality, service, market access and cost efficiency.


As a global organization with 22 offices worldwide, Ligentia was looking for a video conferencing solution that would enable remote workers to be easily involved in decision making, report usage and statistics for ROI calculations, as well as to improve teamwork and processes while also cutting travel costs.

Ligentia teamed up with Lifesize channel partner VideoCentric to research solutions and provide a recommendation for improving communication across their global workforce.


“Lifesize is extremely easy to use and intuitive, with no need to train users. We love its lack of formality too. ‘Let’s just call and ask him’ — the kind of collaboration that doesn’t need a whole bridge and just brings the right people into the conversation when needed is invaluable.”

— Noel Kenningham, Director of Group IT of Ligentia


After thorough research, trials and a pilot scheme, VideoCentric and Ligentia selected Lifesize as the communication platform of choice. This would provide a simple-to-use, cloud-based collaboration solution for video, audio and data sharing with fully integrated meeting room systems in Leeds, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Brisbane. It would also provide a whole range of user and administration features for desktop and mobile users, reporting and statistics, and improved communications.

“Twenty years in IT, and I have to say this is definitely one of the best and most simple rollouts I’ve ever been involved in.”


The organization is now using Lifesize to improve internal relationships and drive down costs, particularly associated with time and travel. O ices in Hong Kong and Shanghai have already changed their monthly in-person meetings to video calls, and the three UK o ices are starting to implement a similar initiative as well. The Lifesize solution enables ongoing usage reporting, allowing account admins to report on the number of video conferences being utilized and the savings realized on a monthly basis. And while time and travel savings are huge, the most impactful results are in the improved conversations happening between teams.

“With colleagues that are not native English speakers, we are able to read each other’s body language and know whether we have a mutual understanding. This just cannot be done over the phone and is invaluable in international business. A totally di erent and improved relationship can be built, and we can get much more benefit and value from each individual person.”

The IT team is reporting fantastic feedback from users as well, whether in the boardroom or from a laptop, the Lifesize solution just works. With the recognized benefits from Lifesize, the Ligentia team will be looking to grow their usage with help from VideoCentric and want to see video implemented in meeting spaces worldwide.

“This solution is one of the best ones I have used…. I am certain with this in place, we can provide an even higher level of service and ensure an even higher competitive advantage for our customers.”