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Industry: Healthcare Technology and Services
Employees: 2000+
Customer Since: 2019

Why Lifesize CxEngage
• Cloud-based
• API integrations
• Robust capabilities
• Customizable and easy to use
• Stable and reliable


Netsmart develops healthcare software technology and services, enabling providers to deliver integrated care across settings. For more than 50 years, Netsmart has supported individualized care and improved outcomes for the healthcare community.


As a technology and services organization focused on giving healthcare providers more time to better care for their patient communities, Netsmart’s call center support team is vital for ensuring customer needs are met with the pace and consistency necessary for healthcare environments.

The migration to CxEngage has made me realize how good I have it with a platform like this.”

Scott Lecuru, Telecommunications engineer, Netsmart

To manage this essential customer resource, Netsmart needed a secure and reliable cloud-based contact center platform that was easy to use and flexible enough for the call center team while also offering API-powered integrations. “A cloud-based solution makes it easier for agents to work from home,” explained Scott Lecuru, Netsmart’s telecommunications engineer. “With everything hosted in the cloud, it’s more accessible to our team and I don’t have to manage firewall issues for elements coming into my data center.” Netsmart had been using a Mitel system for the past 10 years but needed a cloud-based solution to better support remote workers as well as improve redundancy and offer more capabilities overall. “We paid a high price for a product that was not giving us everything we needed…all the bells and whistles that we wanted such as API integration and the ability for remote workers weren’t included,” said Lecuru.


The Netsmart team evaluated all cloud contact center vendors in the market, including Avaya, Talkdesk and Anywhere365, and identified CxEngage as the most robust platform to meet their needs. “I was sold on the feature set,” said Lecuru.

With CxEngage selected, Netsmart planned an early March 2020 migration for their larger teams. Then COVID-19 hit. “We were still on Mitel at the beginning of COVID back in March and April, and the biggest pain point was remote workers,” Lecuru recalled.

COVID brought a shift in IT priorities so Netsmart paused the large team migration, instead focusing on moving smaller teams over to CxEngage first. The organization completed its full contact center migration of 250 active agents by July 2019. Today, Netsmart uses CxEngage for all their customer technical support, billing support and internal IT teams, with about 80 percent of usage coming from the technical support team.

CxEngage’s API integration capabilities were one of the major reasons Netsmart selected the platform, and the team has already set up an API integration with Microsoft Teams and is in the process of integrating ServiceNow.


With CxEngage in place, Netsmart’s team and customer satisfaction have noticeably improved. The Microsoft Teams integration has enabled call center groups to set up alerts when there are a certain number of calls in queue or if a caller has been waiting more than a few minutes, as well as alerts anytime a call comes in on a high-priority line. “Running API calls through Microsoft Teams is one feature that our team really enjoys,” said Lecuru. “The way the flows are built is pretty easy too.”

“Our callbacks doubled with this platform… CxEngage is 100 times more reliable, creating a better experience for our clients.”

Scott Lecuru, Telecommunications engineer, Netsmart

Callbacks were another area of improvement. “Once we implemented CxEngage’s callback feature, the teams that were using it realized how many calls were being lost because the previous callback feature was not working properly,” explained Lecuru. “Our callbacks doubled with this platform…we were just losing these calls before and had no idea. The callback feature with CxEngage is 100 times more reliable, creating a better experience for our clients.”

The ability to allow managers to add their own users and adjust their own queues “has been a lifesaver,” said Lecuru. “I’m able to offload a lot of my work to the managers so whenever they get a new hire, they can add the user, put them in the queue, set up priorities, etc. They don’t have to wait on me to get it all done and new hires are set up to take calls right away.”

Overall, Lecuru reports that “the migration to CxEngage has made me realize how good I have it with a platform like this.”

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