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Santillana is the leading educational publishing company in Spain of LATAM educational content and services, with a mission to spread literacy and promote learning around the world.

In an environment of digital and pedagogical transformation, the organization is committed to innovation, the joint work of the entire educational community and the development of skills and competencies that improve student learning and prepare them for the challenges of today’s society.

The organization now has operations and offices in almost all Spanish-speaking countries, as well as Portugal, the United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States.


As the standard of education becomes more digitized, Santillana has successfully evolved from a textbook publishing company to a technology driven organization that provides multiformat educational content and services.

With this new approach to teaching, the organization was also looking for ways to keep up with the education evolution within their own organization. With 4,500 employees spread out across 20 offices around the world, they needed an efficient way to communicate and collaborate across their entire organization. Santillana had experience in the use of communication solutions but needed to have a simple tool to implement that all employees could use and that was compatible with its existing technological infrastructure.


“Lifesize has been easy for our Communications Department to manage and maintain across our international offices. We are taking full advantage of the service by deploying Lifesize across all of Santillana’s professional communication channels.” 
— Miguel Ángel Jiménez Rivera, Global Infrastructure Manager, Santillana


After conducting a detailed analysis of Santillana’s internal and external communication needs, current facilities infrastructure and international presence, Lifesize provided a customized video conference solution for Santillana that kept simplicity in mind.  Lifesize deployed Icon® 400™ cameras throughout Santillana’s small meeting rooms, Icon® 450™cameras for their medium-sized rooms and Icon® 600™ cameras for their larger meeting rooms.

The deployment and installation phase was carried out without the need to make major changes to the existing infrastructure. Lifesize has become a useful communication solution across the entire company and has been especially effective for internal and external communications, Sales, Human Resources and Support.


Since deploying Lifesize, Santillana has reduced spending on telephone bills and travel costs. In addition, Lifesize has become an integral part of Santillana employees’ daily workflow and helps them improve productivity. They use Lifesize cloud video conferencing to share videos and files, hold meetings, record sessions and attend trainings, but most importantly Santillana employees use Lifesize to collaborate and connect face to face across their entire organization regardless of their location.