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Converting to a Cloud Contact Center Solution can open new pathways for your business to succeed. You can increase the number of touch points you have with your customers, create and support customer engagements across multiple channels through omnichannel support, and receive incredibly accurate data metrics that enhance your reporting and ability to improve your overall efficiency while improving you and your employees work/life balance by fostering the ability to work from home.

In this E-Book, we consider the risks and benefits of migrating your on-premises contact center to a cloud-based, omnichannel contact center solution, factoring in the latest reports on the state of customer support and customer experience.

The risks of continued inaction in the face of growing customer expectations have outstripped the risks of change. And with improvements to implementation procedures and a growing list of integrations between longstanding workforce management tools and reporting software, migrating your on-premises contact center operations to the cloud is easier than ever. Tailor-made to reduce migration risks wherever possible, in fact. All you need to do is take the first step and think about what can go right.

About CxEngage

The Customer Experience Redefined

An omnichannel contact center solution designed for today’s global customer service needs across Voice, Email, Chat, Two-way SMS, and Social Media.

CxEngage makes it easy to transform your traditional call center into a fully digital customer experience — integrated with the communication platforms your business already uses — with better customer engagement analytics and reporting to what keeps your customers happy, and your agents more efficient. With over 20 years of experience in the CCaaS space, CxEngage by Serenova delivers out-of-the-box, omnichannel contact center functionality in days and weeks rather than the competition’s months and years, giving you the tools you need rather than gatekeeping and overcharging for functionalities that are essential to creating a world-class contact center.

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