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The University of Alberta is a top-five Canadian university and one of the top 100 universities in the world for research impact. With more than 170 graduate programs and 200 undergraduate programs, UAlberta gives a national and international voice to innovation in the province, taking a lead role in placing Canada at the global forefront of education.


With technology proliferating at home, the university wanted to implement technology initiatives to help students prepare for careers in the future. The Faculty of Education was seeking a reliable, scalable, portable and flexible way to introduce video collaboration into the classroom, without creating a burden or backlog for IT.


The Faculty of Education was originally searching for a hardware-only system for the university. After demoing the cloud-based Lifesize app together with Lifesize HD video systems, the school saw immediate potential. The price point, ease of use and professional quality had them convinced of the value of a blended hardware and software solution.

“Lifesize removed the need for dedicated IPs, dedicated rooms and dedicated resources to manage the program. The Lifesize solution provides the flexibility, quality and integration into our workflow that works for us.”

— Shane Klein, Media Support Technician, Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta


Now students and teachers from all campuses have the chance to learn, research and collaborate in real time across the province via video. With Lifesize, the UAlberta IT team is able to streamline scheduling processes, and instructors can now collaborate with professors from other departments, campuses and universities to share insights and create more impactful lesson plans.