LifeSize Video Solutions for Large Deployments

As the pioneer of high quality HD video communications, LifeSize understands that video collaboration doesn’t just happen in the conference room of a company headquarters; anyone on any device needs the same high quality experience, wherever he or she may be.


Effective Collaboration

Internal communication and collaboration is essential to business growth. But sometimes it’s physically impossible or cost prohibitive for every team member to make it to every meeting in person. LifeSize helps you overcome that challenge with video conferencing solutions that work with one another, in a boardroom, home office, or hotel room—even on a mobile device. For every need and every device, LifeSize has a solution that lets your team collaborate effectively to keep your business growing.


Organizations need the flexibility to deploy, manage and use video conferencing across networks and with more people on more devices, in offices or on the road. LifeSize gives you ultimate flexibility with a wide range of video conferencing systems, video infrastructure and video services to meet your needs and budget.

Simple to Deploy and Use

AllLifeSizesystemsaresimpletobuy, deployandprovision. They’refeature-rich, easytouseandeasytomanage. AtLifeSize, wecreatevideoconferencingexperiencesthatworkforbothusersandadministrators—withfewersupportcallsrequiredandalighterloadforITleadersandstaff.


Whenyou’redeployingatypicalglobalHDenterprise video conferencing solution, hardware, softwareandbandwidthcostscanaddup. VideoconferencingsolutionsfromLifeSizehelpyoucontrolcostswithunmatchedpricepointsandflexibleofferings, includingcloud-basedaccessfortheultimateinflexibility.

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