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Selecting a Video Conferencing Solution

Before seeking out vendors and pricing options, the first step in any technology investment is to evaluate your own unique needs. When it comes to selecting a video conferencing solution for your company, it’s important to consider both your core team needs as well as the scalability and security requirements for your organization. The nice thing about a cloud-based video conferencing solution is that as those needs change, you can easily scale up or down to match.

Top 10 Questions to Ask:

  1. How many locations do we need to connect?
  2. Do we have remote or work-from-home employees?
  3. How many total employees will use the service?
  4. How many meeting rooms need to be video-enabled?
  5. What types of devices does the solution need to support?
    • Meeting room camera system
    • Mac
    • PC
    • Mobile/tablet
  6. Are security and encryption important factors?
  7. Can we replace audio-only and web conferencing subscriptions with video?
  8. How will employees use the service?
    • 1:1 conversations
    • Multiway group video conferencing
    • Large/all-hands meetings
  9. How technical is our user base?
  10. What are some must-have features for our video solution? (Not sure? We’ve put together a list of the Top 20 features to consider to give you some ideas)

As video services differentiate themselves, you start to see the importance of matching your priorities to the solution that best fits your needs. Some services offer a mix of web collaboration and content sharing but fail on multiway video conferencing. Others offer audio, video and web conferencing capabilities but lack enterprise-grade features that businesses look for, like Single Sign-on, 99.9% service-level agreements, recording and live streaming capabilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Conferencing Technology

Learn how to evaluate cloud video conferencing technology to find a solution that supports all of the different ways your teams like to meet.

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