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How to Build a Video-First Organizational Culture

Video conferencing is more than just a meetings tool. By incorporating video communication, employees are not only more focused and engaged during meetings, they also benefit from nonverbal cues and body language to create better, more authentic relationships with their remote coworkers and customers.

What Is a “Video-First” Culture?

Video-first is an organizational communication strategy that places priority on video conferencing tools, as opposed to audio-only conference calls. Many organizations have shifted to video-first to increase productivity and employee engagement. Face-to-face video-first communications are sought by both startups and established enterprises because of the technology’s competitive edge.

  • Decrease travel expenses
  • Increase engagement, collaboration and productivity
  • Streamline decision-making in real-time
  • Fewer emails

Beyond a Meetings Tool

If your only motive for video conferencing is to upgrade your meetings, then you’re in for a wealth of unexpected bonus uses. Here are a few departmental use cases you may not have thought of:

HR and Training

From interviewing new team members to training and career development conversations, nothing is more important than face-to-face communication. HR and training teams can always benefit from the enhanced nonverbal communication that comes across over video conferencing.

  • Video interview and recruit candidates
  • Conduct virtual employee reviews
  • Create onboarding and training videos


Let’s face it — IT departments are known for their interest in all things tech, so they’re sure to find creative ways to use video conferencing. Take your standard IT calls to the next level.

  • Record process updates
  • Support remote employees
  • Deploy a video help desk

Professional Services

Video conferencing provides another means of communication for consultants to manage global projects with their customers. Now they can stay on track and on budget without unnecessary and costly travel.

  • Save money on costly travel
  • Manage long distance interactions with clients
  • Add video check-ins to ensure project success

Marketing and Sales

With video conferencing, marketing and sales teams can collaborate on projects to create more engaging campaigns that educate customers and help them come to more informed decisions.

  • Meet with customers and external agencies
  • Expedite lead qualifications
  • Stay connected while traveling


Research and development can’t stop and wait for business trip logistics. Engineering departments are able to optimize their time with global experts by collaborating over video.

  • Create video daily standups
  • Facilitate bug triage syncing
  • Share prototypes
  • Conduct quality control

Health Care

Physicians can have more convenient face-to-face interaction with patients over video calls, and health-care professionals can collaborate on research and medical demonstrations without having to travel.

  • Extend telehealth patient care virtually
  • Reduce travel and out-of-office time
  • Engage in flexible learning opportunities
  • Collaborate with global specialists


While academic courses and programs are becoming more and more virtual, some courses still need a teacher to teach the course instead of a standard four-minute clip on how to solve a math problem. Having online collaborative tools for students makes it easy to:

  • Enhance online course experiences
  • Create virtual tutoring rooms
  • Enable distance learning
  • Collaborate with global educators
  • Record and share class content

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