Let's get started

Welcome to Lifesize Video, the video app you use for on premise deployments of Lifesize UVC ClearSea.

To sign in, enter your username and password, and then enter the hostname or IP address of Lifesize UVC ClearSea.

After you sign in, you’ll see the main window with these options:

  • call someone from the directory
  • call someone from your list of recent calls
  • invite someone to call you
  • join a meeting
  • start a chat
  • dial a video number directly keypad-wo-numbers
What do you want to do?
Call someone from the directory
Select , the person to call, and . Learn more about calling.
To add a personal contact to your directory, click + (plus sign next to search) and enter their name and dial string.
Call someone from your list of recent calls
Select , the person to call, and .
To show missed calls only in Recents, select Missed.
Invite someone to call you
Select  and from Invite someone to call me, email an invitation with calling info or schedule the call from your calendar. You can invite anyone to call you, even if they are not Lifesize users.
Join a meeting
Select , the meeting name, and .
Create a meeting
Select  and + (plus sign next to search).
You can chat at any time with someone whose device supports chat. Select  and + (plus sign next to search) to show users available to chat.
Enter a number
Select keypad-wo-numbers, enter the number, and select Dial. You can enter a user's number or an IP address or URI for a video system that's not in your directory. External systems must be on a public IP or URI.

To learn more about what you can do from the app during a call, click here.



    • What's my number?
      Select Account > My Info.
    • Can I call someone who's not in my directory?
      Yes. You can enter anyone's video number in keypad-wo-numbers.
    • How do I know if someone tried to call me (and I missed the call)?
      You'll see a numeral on indicating the number of missed calls. The system tray icon also shows a numeral.
    • How do I share data in a call?
      Select  (from the bottom of your call screen). Learn more about presenting.
    • Can I reinstall the app? And does this affect my account?
      Install the app on all your devices at any time: upgrades occur automatically. Incoming calls ring all devices. Reinstalling the app will not affect your account.