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Join unlimited meeting solutions for $50 a month* with Lifesize Video Conferencing

Connect with meeting solutions such as Microsoft Teams®, Zoom®, Cisco Webex®, and Google Meet™ from one video conferencing platform. Experience high-quality video conferencing up to 4K with Lifesize Video Conferencing solutions. 

*Average monthly cost of a Lifesize DSS license.

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The inventor of High-Definition Video Conferencing, connecting with Lifesize means that quality comes standard at an affordable price.

Discover Lifesize Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing software, Lifesize Cloud, is cost-effective and comes with more features out-of-the box:


$15 per host/per month 

$57 per host/per month 

$25 per host/per month 

$25 per host/per month 

$18 per user/per month 

Add PSTN Audio Conferencing 



$100 per month minimum (then per minute) 

$0 included w/Business 

$0 included with Business Plus 

Video Quality 






Max Meeting Duration 


30 hours 

30 hours 

24 hours 

24 hours 


Max Participants 








1 TB storage per license 

10 GB of Storage per license 

10 GB Storage Cloud 

Based on available Google Drive Space 

*requires 1500 kb/s for one-on-one calls, up to 4000 kb/s from group meetings | **must be enabled by a support team | ***fair use limitations apply

Unlimited Video Conferencing Solutions on One Platform

Connect Plus+

Lifesize 4K meeting room hardware is enabled with Connect Plus+, our open software solution that allows you to connect with any meeting service at the touch of a button. There’s no need to hook your computer up to your conference room system to switch from a Google Meet™ to Microsoft Teams® to Zoom® meeting anymore. With Connect Plus+, Lifesize lets you join one meeting after the other between different meeting apps quickly from the touch-screen calendar interface or via the “Apps” option in the Phone HD user interface. 

connect plus+ video conferencing software
Smart, Customized Video Conferencing Connections

Lifesize MARS

Level up your conferencing room equipment’s interoperability with Lifesize MARS. MARS brings Lifesize’s interoperability by not only allowing you to connect with unlimited meeting solutions at the touch of the button, but to have your business’ core apps available at your fingertips. Quickly access your company’s CRM system or Analytics software to showcase your reports live without having to fumble with laptop hookups or potential wireless sharing mishaps.

lifesize mars video conferencing software

4K Video Conferencing Hardware

Lifesize 4K Video Conferencing Hardware

The Lifesize Icon Series, 4K Video Conferencing Hardware that lets you meet however you wish:

Out-of-the-box, Native Third-Party Meeting App Support 

Limited to Direct Guest Connections 

In-House Hardware 

Video Quality






Room Connection Fee 

Starting at $599 per year 

$600 per year (Premium) 

$588 per year 

$950 per year 


Hardware Maintenance Fee 


$250 per year 

$250 per year 

10-15% of MSRP per year 


Small Room Hardware 

$2,999 Lifesize Icon 300 

$2,400-$4,400 Logitech/Poly 

$2,400-$5,300 Logitech/Poly 

$4,300 Cisco Room Kit 

$2,500-$3,500 Logitech/Poly

Medium Room Hardware 

$4,999 Lifesize Icon 500 

$4,500-$5,400 Logitech/Poly 

$4,700-$6,000 Logitech/Poly 

$10,400 Cisco Room Kit Plus 

$3,500-$4,500 Logitech/Poly

Large Room Hardware 

$7,499 Lifesize Icon 700 

6,700-$10,300 Logitech/Poly 

$7,200-$13,400 Logitech/Poly 

$20,400 Cisco Room Kit Pro 

$5,000-$6,500 Logitech/Poly

*requires 1500 kb/s for one-on-one calls, up to 4000 kb/s from group meetings | **must be enabled by a support team

Join unlimited meeting solutions for $50* a month.

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