Video conferencing technology has found its way across several different types of industries. Spark Power, a Canadian renewable energy organization, turned to Lifesize to make communicating across their offices smoother while reducing their overall reliance on travel.

Learn how Lifesize plays a crucial role in how Spark Power revolutionizes the way electricity infrastructure services communicate. 

We sat down with Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Corporate Development Gord Reynolds to hear more about the impact video conferencing technology is having on the energy industry. 

Spark Power was looking for a smart and effective way to connect all of their 16 offices across Ontario. After losing multiple days to travel each week, they deployed Lifesize Icon 600 video conferencing systems in each office, and the rest was history. From cutting travel costs to having several ways for employees to join meetings and everything in between, Lifesize was the collaboration solution that met all their needs. Read the full case study to learn more about how they have smoothly integrated Lifesize into their everyday work.