Reduced travel expenses, increased productivity, and effortless globalization, hybrid work does more than improve communications with your customers, partners, and employees. In order for businesses to keep up to date and expanding, every conference room needs to be a video conferencing room.

With inflation and the rising cost of a travel industry still recovering from the pandemic, what once was a routine business trip can cost thousands in just airfare and hotel alone. Imagine your team needs to visit one of your manufacturers in Asia for first article quality inspections of a new hardware design. What used to be a $500 ticket round trip from New York to Thailand is now around $3,000 for a main cabin seat. Add on another $1000 for a week-long hotel stay at an average-rated hotel and you’re looking at $4000 per person without food, commuting, and loss of productivity costs taken into account.

Compare this to a 4K-enabled video conferencing hardware system such as Lifesize’s Icon 500, where you can connect with your manufacturer directly from your conference room, have as many stakeholders in the room as needed, and can view the prototype in impeccably detailed 4K resolution without lag or latency issues, then go back to day-to-day operations with little interruption. No thirty hours offline and in the air, no struggling to find internet connections or racking up large phone bills to call back to your home office, no more taking personal time away. And you can use the video meetings system again and again, allowing for more check-ins with out-of-state or international manufacturers that decrease the likelihood of production delays or mistakes.

Sixty-two percent of organizations use three or more videoconferencing applications every day to collaborate.  Video conferencing (especially multivendor interoperable video conferencing that is offered by Lifesize’s Connect Plus+) lends itself to improving the digital adoption at your business which has been shown to increase productivity and allow for business to expand their operations globally. In McKinsey Global Institute’s “Rekindling US Productivity for a new era,” McKinsey & Company have drawn a correlation between a business’s rate of digitalization to an increase in productivity of around 70%, factoring in digital assets, digital usage, and digital workers as the key elements of this growth.

“Globalization drives productivity through competition, access to ideas, and specialization,” McKinsey & Company highlights later in the piece. In this new digital age, access to well-qualified staff is no longer a matter of location and luck but the ability to support effective communication and collaboration. Video conferencing solutions such as Lifesize are well-suited to help you expand your operations and source talent worldwide at optimal cost – allowing you to find the best person for the job, not just the best person who’s local to your city.

Increased productivity and improved ROI through digital adoption and globalization are within your reach. Take the first steps with the first and only video conferencing provider to offer one-click access to Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom meetings in addition to the largest worldwide 4K-video meeting solution: Lifesize.