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Lifesize® Bridge™
Lifesize® Camera 10x™
Lifesize® Camera 200™
Lifesize® ClearSea™
Lifesize® Connections™
Lifesize® Control™
Lifesize Dash™
Lifesize® Digital MicPod™
Lifesize® Express 220™
Lifesize® Focus™
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Lifesize® Icon 500™
Lifesize® Icon 600™
Lifesize® Icon 700™
Lifesize® Icon 800™
Lifesize® Icon™ Series
Lifesize® LRS1000™ for Microsoft® Lync®
Lifesize® MicPod™
Lifesize® Networker™
Lifesize® Passport™
Lifesize® Phone™

Lifesize® Phone™, 2nd Generation
Lifesize® Phone HD™
Lifesize® Room 220i™
Lifesize® Room 220™
Lifesize Share™
Lifesize® Softphone™
Lifesize® Team 220™
Lifesize® 220™ Series
Lifesize® Unity 1000™
Lifesize® Unity 2000™
Lifesize® Unity 500™
Lifesize® Unity 50™
Lifesize® Unity™ Series
Lifesize® UVC Access™
Lifesize® UVC Manager™
Lifesize® UVC Multipoint™
Lifesize® UVC Platform™
Lifesize® UVC Transit™ Client
Lifesize® UVC Transit™ Server
Lifesize® UVC Video Center™
Lifesize® UVC Video Engine™ for Microsoft® Lync™
Lifesize® Virtual Link™

Discontinued Notices

• Lifesize® Conference 220™

• Lifesize® Desktop™

• LGExecutive, powered by Lifesize®

• Lifesize® Passport Connect™

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Lifesize products are protected by one or more patents or patent pending applications in the United States, Europe, and other countries. Browse Lifesize Patent Notices.

TERMS OF SERVICE ­Lifesize Cloud

Lifesize Cloud is simply the best way for your entire organization to connect over video when you need to get business done. We can better serve you by ensuring that you are aware of and understand the Terms of Service to which you consent in using Lifesize Cloud service. You can request a copy of our Lifesize Cloud Terms of Service here.

Lifesize Terms & Conditions for eCommerce

Purchases made through Lifesize’s e-Commerce site are subject to additional terms and conditions. Request a copy of Lifesize’s e-Commerce Terms for On-Line Purchases.

Lifesize Terms & Conditions for Rooms as a Service

Request the details of Lifesize’s Rooms as a Service Terms and Conditions.


Request the details of the Lifesize Cloud Extreme Support Service Level Agreement

GDPR Data Processing Agreement

When necessary, Lifesize executes its Data Processing Addendum with customers in order to facilitate cross-border transfers of data through the use of our service and to otherwise comply with regulatory requirements. Click below to request the most recent Data Processing Addendum as well as a list of our authorized data subprocessors:
Data Processing Addendum
Lifesize Data Subprocessors

Environmental Compliance Documents

Find environmental compliance documents like China RoHS for various Lifesize products. Browse Environmental Compliance Documents

End User License Agreements

Find the End User License Agreement for all Lifesize hardware products and the End User License Agreements specific to Lifesize Desktop and Lifesize Control. Browse End User License Agreements 

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At Lifesize, we are committed to delivering Services in a manner that maintains your trust and confidence, and that reflects our core value of acting with integrity. In return, we trust that you will use the Services responsibly. To learn more read our Acceptable Use Policy.

Declarations of Conformity

Find the Declarations of Conformity for the various Lifesize Products for FCC, EU, and Singapore. Browse Declarations of Conformity

Safety and Regulatory Notices

Find the Safety and Regulatory Notices for all Lifesize products. Browse Safety and Regulatory Notices

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Protecting your privacy is important to Lifesize. We strive to keep your personal information confidential. By ensuring that you are aware of and understand the Lifesize Online Privacy Policy, we can provide you with better service. Please take a moment to read the following policy to learn how we handle your personal information. Read Lifesize Privacy Policy


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Find Third Party Licenses for all Lifesize products. Browse Third Party Licenses

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Lifesize, Inc.’s program account number is SSU-R010188400.

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