Executive Search Firm in Baltimore, Maryland Conducts Video Interviews to Screen Candidates, Offers Surrounding Businesses Opportunities to Utilize Technology

Lifesize, the high definition video communications company, today announced that Lifesize® Room™ is being leveraged by Boyden, an international executive search firm, to conduct candidate interviews as part of the initial employment evaluation process. Furthermore, Boyden has established a service to allow surrounding Baltimore, Maryland businesses the opportunity to utilize their facility and video system on an as needed, as available basis. Lifesize Room is a high definition video communications product that delivers crystal clear video and high fidelity audio, allowing participants to create a real, true-to-life experience.

Before implementing Lifesize Room, Boyden relied on outsourced video services to interview remote job candidates. Average rental costs were $300 per hour for each participant location. The service proved to be costly, inconvenient and not of the best quality. After conducting research on various videoconferencing solutions, Boyden selected Lifesize Room for their Baltimore office based on its ability to deliver high quality video communications at an affordable price.

“During the initial job screening process, it is imperative that we properly assess candidates first before we expend additional time and resources to conduct face-to-face meetings, and doing so over the phone just doesn’t give us a complete picture,” said Tim McNamara, managing director at Boyden. “Lifesize Room delivers such exceptional quality that it is like we really are in the same room with the candidate, allowing us to effectively qualify that individual without ever having to leave our office.”

As a result of implementing Lifesize Room, Boyden is now realizing a cost savings of around $200,000 a year in associated travel expenses and service fees. In addition, by determining the high definition video system would not be used continually throughout the day, Boyden conceptualized a concept to offer other nearby businesses – law offices, investment firms and hotels – an opportunity to also benefit from its conference facility and Lifesize Room. Businesses are able to reserve time online (www.globalvtc.com) to use the service at a cost-effective hourly rate.

“We believe all our customers can realize great improvements in productivity, effectiveness and overall collaboration by using Lifesize Room but it is especially gratifying to see companies like Boyden report tangible returns on their investments,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize. “High definition video communications is having, and will continue to have, a notable impact on how companies conduct business and how they differentiate themselves in an ever increasingly competitive world.”

Lifesize Room is the first high definition video communications product of its kind and offers the very best price-to-performance value available on the market. With exceptional video quality and audio coverage, Lifesize Room allows organizations of all sizes to benefit from a greatly enhanced user experience by interacting more clearly and effectively.

About Boyden

Founded in 1946, Boyden pioneered the use of executive search and is celebrating its 60th year of business. Today, Boyden is the oldest and one of the largest privately owned search firms in the world with more than 65 offices in over 40 countries. Boyden specializes in high level executive search across a broad spectrum of industries, with expertise in areas including Aerospace, Intelligence and Defense; Board Search; Consumer Products; Financial Services; Global Technology; Government and Public Sector; Industrial; Life Sciences and Biotechnology; Management Assessment; Not for Profit; Professional Services; and Transportation and Hospitality. Visit www.boyden.com or call 1-877-2-BOYDEN for more information.