High-Definition Video Conferencing and Omnichannel Contact Center Combine to Ensure Prompt, Proactive, and Personalized Customer Experience

(Originally Published on Business Wire)

AUSTIN, TX – March 7, 2023 – Lifesize®, the original inventors of high-definition video conferencing and creators of the world’s first cloud-based, video-enabled omnichannel contact center, today introduced CxConcierge™ to enable customer service experiences that help improve first call resolution rates while lowering operational costs for live support. CxConcierge delivers instant video connections from an organization’s self-service apps, websites, and kiosks to help solve a range of issues with interactive engagement that is not possible through traditional voice, text, chat, or social media channels.

“Lifesize is empowering leading organizations in healthcare, hospitality, retail, technology, and transportation sectors to deliver innovative customer experiences at lower cost,” said Trent Waterhouse, CEO of Lifesize. “Rather than deflecting customers to automated systems, we’re enabling skilled human agents to promptly serve best with transparency, authenticity, and genuine care that improves customer loyalty and retention in today’s service economy.”

CxConcierge is a powerful combination of Lifesize’s innovative video conferencing and cloud contact center technologies into one seamless solution. Integrating open-platform video communications with open-architecture omnichannel contact center software helps make customer service practical and profitable. When an agent can see what the customer sees, they can resolve customer issues faster. Additionally, video connections over the internet are less expensive than traditional voice calls. Customer service interactions, at their core, are really human interactions that should be empathetic and efficient in solving issues and addressing customers’ needs. Creating memorable experiences, building customer loyalty, and triggering customer advocacy, starts by reimagining how each engagement and interaction creates value. A good customer experience can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand reputation, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations, ultimately contributing to higher revenue.

“71% of consumers prefer to deal with a person rather than a chatbot or other automated self-service method,” Waterhouse continued. “Video remains the most efficient way for people to remotely communicate, brainstorm, and solve problems together.”

About Lifesize

Lifesize video conferencing and omnichannel contact center solutions are keeping us connected. Founded in 2003, Lifesize created the world’s first high-definition video meetings and cloud-based contact centers. Serving millions of users through channel partners in over 100 countries, the company lives by the philosophy “There Is Nothing More Important than Our Customers”. Learn more online at lifesize.com..