From small- and medium-sized businesses to the largest enterprises, high definition video conferencing will bring people together simply and conveniently for more effective collaboration and greater connection to the information they need to succeed. The result? More streamlined operations and improved productivity for every member of your company—down the hall or across the country. 

Click through to any of the categories below to learn more about how LifeSize’s business video conferencing solutions can match your company’s business needs,  by industry, line of business or location—and how you can deploy LifeSize’s solutions to best fit  with the way you use technology.

By Business Need

LifeSize customers have the same video conferencing benefits already enjoyed by global business leaders—at a price they can afford and with the ease of use they demand. Whether you’re providing corporate information and training to a distributed or mobile workforce or following the latest green initiatives and recycling requirements, LifeSize has the answer. For small- to medium-sized businesses with limited IT resources, LifeSize’s solutions can be put to work without straining the corporate budget. Click on a topic here and see how LifeSize can fit your business needs.

Corporate Training

Distributed Workforce

Environmental Initiatives


Limited IT Resources

Small to Midsized Businesses

WEEE Country Compliance

By Deployment

To make video truly simple to use, it has to be simple to deploy. And yet businesses today have all kinds of users—from a mobile workforce to far-flung satellite offices. Each business can be just a bit different, and making technology work seamlessly, every time, is where LifeSize really shines. Small or large scale, hosted or on premise, for any type of work situation, our deployment solutions make it simple to get up and running quickly. Click on a topic here and see how LifeSize can put the power of video at your employees’ fingertips today.

Distributed Workforce


Large Deployments


On Premise

Small Deployments

By Industry

No matter the industry, what matters is seizing business opportunities through better communication, improved collaboration, information sharing, speed and efficiency. LifeSize’s practice leaders have years of experience bringing those benefits to both the private and public sectors—from government, education, healthcare and legal to manufacturing, oil and gas, and even entertainment. We can also help guide you through the grant-seeking process to bring the benefits of video within reach even in today’s cash-strapped economy. Click on a topic here to see how LifeSize has already helped companies just like yours.


Federal Government

Financial Services



Manufacturing Business

Media and Entertainment

Oil, Gas and Energy

State and Local Governments


By Line of Business

In every department, the collaborative power of video dramatically improves even your company’s most basic operations. And when your company works faster and smarter, your speed to market improves. From internal meetings and training to sales calls, client communication and project management—even engineering, IT and quality control—LifeSize’s solutions help you tackle today’s business challenges like never before, to be just that much farther ahead of your competition. Click on a topic here to see how LifeSize can make your company more efficient and productive.


Human Resources

Information Technology




Professional Services




By Location

These days, business happens everywhere—whether you’re at home or on the road, in the boardroom, in the conference room or in the corner office. With simple and powerful video conferencing and collaboration solutions from LifeSize, it’s never been easier to take your business with you, wherever you happen to be and on whatever device you prefer. Click on a topic here to see how LifeSize can keep you completely connected with your team, your prospects and your customers for a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment.

Board Room

Executive Office

Home Office

Large Conference Room

Lecture Hall


On the Road

Small Conference Room