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Analytics and Performance Management

Deliver outstanding experiences

Empower your agents with the skills and resources they need to deliver positive customer outcomes. CxEngage by Serenova’s comprehensive coverage of the quality management lifecycle is embedded in our cloud contact center platform, so supervisors have a consolidated view of all customer and agent interactions.

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Boost Productivity

Empower Agents to be Their Best

Quality management is a key factor in boosting the customer experience because it pinpoints where your team is doing well and areas for improvement. CxEngage Quality Management monitors and evaluates agents’ interactions with customers by recording calls, capturing agents’ desktop screens and facilitating the evaluation of agents’ performance.

With this critical information, you can identify exactly where each agent is delivering great service while uncovering opportunities for additional training and coaching. CxEngage Quality Management is unified with the larger CxEngage by Serenova platform, which creates one powerful solution for delivering outstanding customer experiences.

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Promote Performance

Track and display agent performance in real time.

Highlight key performance metrics that drive agent behavior like average handle time, service levels and wrap-up time with customizable dashboards for both agents and supervisors. Motivate employees with an automated slideshow of rankings, awards and achievements.

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Coach and Improve

Adjust performance with automated coaching tools.

Leverage analytics to identify opportunities for agent improvement. Auto-generate coaching sessions based on set performance thresholds and create a culture of continuous development. Aid agents more quickly during customer interactions with the real-time communication capabilities of CxEngage.

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Steps for Quality Assurance

  1. Agent Recording
    The process starts with recording the audio component of agents’ calls and capturing their desktop screens.
  2. Recording Selection
    Supervisors then review a sampling of interactions and select which recording(s) to evaluate.
  3. Recording Evaluation
    Supervisors score agents’ performance against evaluation forms to assess, for instance, if the agent deviated from the standard script or if they used a pleasant tone of voice.
  4. Coaching Recommendations
    Based on agents’ scores, managers can identify which of their employees need additional coaching or training.
  5. Agent Coaching and Learning Management
    Share feedback and action/learning plans. Recordings of outstanding interactions can also be added to an eLearning Library to use for future training purposes so all agents are clear on what constitutes an ideal call.
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CXEngage – the Human-Centric Contact Center

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Create customers for life with native Omnichannel and video capabilities delivered on the most usable Contact Center platform.

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CxEngage by Serenova Implementation Offer
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Gartner Peer Insights

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