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The Future of Live Customer Service

Deliver instant video connections from your organization’s self-service platform to help address your customers’ needs with interactive engagement that helps improve first-call resolution rates while lowering operational costs for live support.

CxConciergeTM is a powerful combination of Lifesize’s innovative video conferencing and omnichannel contact center technologies into one seamless solution. Integrating open-platform video communications with open-architecture omnichannel contact center software helps make personalized customer service practical and profitable.

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Self Service Video Call Kiosk

Did You Know?

Today, 64% of US consumers and 59% of all consumers believe that businesses have lost touch with the human part of the customer experience.71% of consumers prefer to deal with a person rather than a chatbot or other automated method.

Customer service interactions, at their core, are truly human interactions that should be empathetic and efficient in solving issues and addressing your customers’ needs.  Creating memorable experiences, building customer loyalty, and triggering customer advocacy starts by reimagining how each engagement and interaction creates value.

live customer support self service CxConcierge

Innovative Online Customer Support

Browser-Based Video Engagement

Improve your customer experience by adding direct, one-to-one video call support to your website. CxConcierge can be tailored to meet your specific brand needs. Customize your user interface controls, add in secure user identification and multi-factor authentication, and connect with the integrations that matter the most for measuring your business’s success.

Digital Customer Experience for Brick and Mortar

Video-Embedded Self Service Kiosks

Elevate your self-service kiosks. From ATMs to Ticket Booths, CxConcierge can integrate with your current self-service platforms to provide great customer service with a personalized touch.

We’ll work with you to create a video support option with an easy-to-use interface and a high-quality video calling experience, tailored for the applications and locations you need. An affordable balance of price vs performance, CxConcierge creates an avenue for fantastic aftersales care and support, that creates a memorable customer experience that improves overall customer loyalty.

video support virtual concierge service CxConcierge

See CxConcierge in Action

Launching throughout Scandinavia, BWH Hotel Group has partnered with CIC Hospitality to open 30 Aiden hotels throughout the region, equipped with a hologram concierge services powered by Holoconnects and CxConcierge. Read this article from Travel Weekly Asia to get the full details on BWH Hotel Group’s Aiden hotel project.

Courtesy of CIC Hospitality and Holoconnects (Source)

Private, One on One Video Calls

Video Consultation Rooms

Clear Connections. Private Meeting Rooms. With CxConcierge’s secure video conferencing architecture and skill-based service routing capabilities, applying our solution to create private video meeting rooms is easy. Regardless of industry, there are times when your customers need one-to-one support in a secure environment. Video consultation rooms enabled with CxConcierge can connect your customer to the appropriate expert for their needs at the touch of a button, without the worry of their sensitive data being compromised.

private consultation rooms for telehealth

Explore the future of live customer service.

Improve your self-service and evolve your customer experience to reach your customers like never before.

Discover CxConcierge
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Gartner Peer Insights

“Nearly infinitely moldable to fit your contact center needs.”

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Gartner Peer Insights

“Impressed, and such a great team to partner with.”

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Gartner Peer Insights

“Very happy with the implementation in our contact center.”

Join leading organizations around the world serving customers with Lifesize contact center solutions.

CXEngage – the Human-Centric Contact Center

Transform your Contact Center by moving to Lifesize.

Create customers for life with native Omnichannel and video capabilities delivered on the most usable Contact Center platform.

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