The global pandemic appears to be abating in many places, and that’s fantastic news for organizations the world over. However, the new hybrid work reality we all now face still leaves plenty of challenges for those organizations in how they serve customers through their contact centers and collaborate in meeting rooms and beyond.

Today, we’re announcing the first installment of what will become a seasonal, suite-wide product release cadence. Across our contact center solutions, meeting solutions and technology partner ecosystem, we’re introducing features, functionality and integrations aimed at helping organizations address the ongoing transition to hybrid work along with associated shifts toward distributed teams, digital customer service channels and cross-team (or even external) collaboration. Here’s a quick look at some of what’s new on the Lifesize CxEngage cloud contact center, Lifesize Video Meetings and Lifesize Meeting Rooms platforms in Spring 2021:

Features for Contact Center Agents

  • Ability for customers to initiate two-way WhatsApp conversations with the contact center, the newest channel where agents can instantly reply to customer issues.
  • A new type of capacity rule that defines the percentage of an agent’s capacity allocated to each type of interaction, tying into agent productivity.

Capabilities for Contact Center Supervisors

  • Supervisor evaluation of agents’ web chat interactions while monitoring for quality management.
  • Real-time insights into interactions agents are currently handling, valuable for coaching in the moment.

Features for Meeting Hosts and Participants

  • Lifesize Connect, now generally available in a software configuration, enabling users to join meetings on popular cloud video meeting services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex or Google Meet with their interoperable Lifesize Icon 300, Icon 500 or Icon 700 room systems.
  • Fresh video meeting layouts, support for audio when sharing content or presenting, an option to appoint multiple moderators and live captions.
  • Timeline editing, export to PowerPoint, and multi-language detection and expanded language support for optical character recognition (OCR) for Lifesize Kaptivo digital whiteboarding.

Capabilities for Account Admins and Meeting Moderators

  • Automatic recording or prevention of recording for an entire organization’s Lifesize video meetings.
  • Ability to lock meetings, set up waiting rooms before calls begin and choose an account-wide default setting for waiting rooms when creating meetings.

Partnerships and Integrations

Last but certainly not least, we’re highlighting two new technology partners in our Spring 2021 release:

  • BoardPAC, to bring Lifesize’s secure HD video conferencing to board meeting automation.
  • Zappix, to deliver visual IVR solutions in Lifesize CxEngage contact centers.

For more information on all of the above capabilities and integrations, read today’s press release: Lifesize Announces Sweeping Enhancements to Suite of Cloud Contact Center and Meeting Solutions

But wait, there’s one more thing! Earlier this week, we launched “BYOD” bundles with limited-time pricing for some of our most popular meeting room systems, including 4K devices, software licenses and extensive interoperability through the aforementioned Lifesize Connect. For further detail and to contact sales for pricing, visit