Equipping the Huddle Room

by Ellen J. Hawes Durbin in Lifesize | Comments 0

Huddle rooms, or small-space meeting rooms, are meant for collaboration and designed for getting work done. As open floor plans become more prevalent, the importance of huddle rooms continues to grow. In fact, they are quickly becoming the most productive rooms in offices. While small, these rooms are mighty; and small but might rooms deserve… Continue ReadingLifesize, Tech Notes


Where do you work to get work done?

by Julian Fields in Lifesize | Comments 1

Tuesday morning, before heading out to the office, I responded to an email on my phone. I wanted to make sure my German colleagues had what they needed before they logged off for the evening. I work from home. When I got to my office, I finished going through my inbox and started to work… Continue ReadingLifesize, People, Trends


Introducing Lifesize Icon 400 and Lifesize Icon Flex

by Stephanie Capouch in Cloud | Comments 0

I’m excited to announce updates to Lifesize Cloud and introduce two new products into the Lifesize Icon family – the Lifesize Icon 400 and Lifesize Icon Flex. These innovations bring simple, reliable and effortlessly scalable video communications to every person and every conference room across devices, applications, browsers and Lifesize video systems.   “Customers tell… Continue ReadingCloud, Features, Lifesize, Technology, WebRTC

ICON 400_SYSTEM_Phone_8x10

Crafting a work-from-home email for your boss or team

by Stephanie Capouch in Healthcare | Comments 0

Many organizations are flexible when it comes to working from home when you’re feeling sick. The last thing the company wants is an outbreak of influenza taking out the entire sales staff. So when you feel that tickle in the back of your throat and your temperature starts to register triple digits in degrees Fahrenheit,… Continue ReadingHealthcare, People, Trends