How Video Creates the Human-Centric Contact Center

With Robin Gareiss. CEO and Principal Analyst, Metrigy
Sarita Fernandes, Vice President Marketing, Contact Center Solutions, Lifesize
Eric Krapf, GM & Program Co-Chair Enterprise Connect

The pandemic has transformed the way enterprises interact with their customers. Especially in situations where a high degree of trust and human interaction are required, video can provide the customer experience that gives your enterprise an edge against competitors. Whether it’s in established scenarios like telehealth, financial services, and education; or emerging use cases like retail and field service, video is poised to play a larger role in contact centers in the next 12-18 months. In this webinar, a leading industry analyst will present data and insights on video’s role and future in the contact center, joined by a technology provider with real-world examples of how video is lending the human touch to contact centers today.

You will learn:
• When video is most effective in contact center interactions
• The role video can play in a omnichannel contact center
• How video enables your contact center for a deeper customer engagement

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