Lifesize Cloud Interop | Skype for Business

One of the reasons Lifesize Cloud is gaining traction in the market and becoming a favored productivity tool is that it fits within established workflows. Users want to remain within the app and user interface they know. Few businesses are willing to rejigger their processes to accommodate a communications and collaboration tool. And the larger the company is, the more reticent it is to change processes to suit the way an app works. The equation must be the other way around.


Lifesize agrees. We continue to work zealously to ensure that Lifesize Cloud blends with other productivity applications that companies favor. An excellent example is Skype for Business 2016. Many companies that have standardized on Microsoft applications use it for communication and collaboration. It’s seamless when working with colleagues and other Microsoft customers.

Lifesize software developers worked hard to make Lifesize Cloud interop with Skype for Business 2016. Skype for Business users can call a Lifesize Cloud user or a meeting room with an award-winning Lifesize Icon room video conferencing system and collaborate and share content to their heart’s desire. Of course, they can also choose to join a Lifesize Cloud virtual meeting room (VMR) and invite others to the party.

We love that Skype for Business 2016 users can now call our Lifesize Cloud and Lifesize Icon users directly. The market—and our customers—asked for it, and Lifesize delivered. For more on the integration between Lifesize Cloud and Skype for Business, check out our guide on the Five Ways Lifesize Cloud Enhances Skype for Business.

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