Top 10 Activities Businesses Should Record and Share

The usefulness of video conference recording doesn’t stop at the ability to capture meetings to rewatch later. While some video conferencing providers let you download recordings to your computer or share one-off links to recordings, Lifesize Cloud Amplify provides a viewing and sharing platform that extends the usability beyond what you could do with a VCR hooked up to your TV. Here’s what makes our list of the top 10 employee engagement activities you should record and share with Lifesize Cloud Amplify.

  1. Corporate Mission Statement – Give this message life by capturing senior leadership presenting what it means to be a part of your company.
  2. Faces to Know – From the exec team to the people managers and office managers, giving a face to the names you need to know around the company helps the office family become better connected.
  3. Product or Core Business Overview – Whether you sell a set of devices or provide a service to make lives easier, capturing a product overview gives everyone in your company access to a consistent message. You probably already have the PowerPoint® deck built, now record yourself presenting it!
  4. Company History – Get the founders together on a video call and record the company history. It’s always cool to hear how things got started from the starters themselves.
  5. Video Newsletter – Stop sending internal email newsletters that get auto-filtered into the garbage, and start recording the news in video format. Get creative and have guest speakers call in during the show.
  6. Virtual Building Tour – What do you get when you mix Lifesize Cloud Amplify with an iPad® and a Segway? A silky smooth virtual building tour. Send out this recording to all the new hires to help them access the office supplies cabinet, use the coffee machine and find all the conference rooms around the building.
  7. Process How-Tos – How to submit a time card. How to open a PO. How to log in to the intranet. How to connect to a printer. Business processes are full of “how-to” questions; use Lifesize Cloud Amplify to record the answers.
  8. Social Media Etiquette – Social media is a big part of the way we communicate daily, and by providing guidelines you can ensure that employees understand how to contribute positively to your organization’s social communications.
  9. Cafeteria Schedule – Life is a continuous string of wondering what to eat next. Record the weekly cafeteria schedule or review the local eateries to help the staff decide on the next sandwich run.
  10. Introduce New Hires – Instead of sending out a welcome email, let your new hires introduce themselves over video. Have them tell what they do, where they’re from and something fun to remember them by.

Recording and sharing video conferences and messages with Lifesize Cloud Amplify can dramatically enhance day-to-day functions around your business. For more tips, check out our guide on the Six Ways Recording and Sharing Will Change the Way You Work, including:

  • Recruiting and training the best of the best
  • Capturing and sharing tribal knowledge
  • Overcoming time zone constraints
  • Enabling BYOD and on-demand information
  • Capturing brilliance at its peak
  • Utilizing recording for more than just meetings
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