Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS)

Comprehensive service and support for connected Lifesize room systems

Lifesize Icon 700 video conferencing camera system with Lifesize Phone HD.

Connect and Protect your Lifesize Equipment Investment

Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS) connects your room devices to the Lifesize service and provides advanced features and support for your video systems.

Icon of a camera representing Lifesize hardware.

Hardware replacement

Expedited 24-hour hardware replacement minimizes downtime and keeps your meeting rooms in action while we resolve the issue.

Icon of a life preserver representing Lifesize support.

Dedicated support

Get direct access to dedicated support experts trained and certified on Lifesize equipment.

Icon of a magician's magic wand representing advanced features.

Enhanced features

Pair your room systems to Lifesize and access full reporting, device management, directory synchronization and more features you can only get with Lifesize.

Icon of two arrows circling for automatic updates.

Automatic updates

Keep your room equipment up to date and secure without having to manually install updates or upgrades.

Hardware and Software Together

Pair your Lifesize room systems to the Lifesize cloud service with DSS to unlock the full potential of the Lifesize solution.

Icon of a persons profile to represent a directory.

Synchronized contact directory

Auto-populate room devices and personal accounts with your full searchable and centrally managed Lifesize directory.

Official 4K UHD icon

Bring meetings to life in 4K

Experience the stunning 4K video and content sharing clarity of Lifesize 4K video systems.

A calendar icon.

Meeting room calendar integration

Configure reservable meeting rooms to auto-prompt users to start or join scheduled meetings with a single click.

Icon of two gears not quite close enough to interact with one another.

Customizability options

Add custom backgrounds and configure phone screen layouts and displays for all connected systems.

Icon of a small flame surrounded by a large flame.

NAT/firewall traversal

Managed traversal lets you maintain a secure perimeter and keep your Lifesize systems safely behind your firewall.

Icon of management hierarchy with three direct reports.

Centralized device management

Manage room systems and modify account settings from one centralized web console.

Bar chart showing great progress up and to the right.

System and status reporting

Track usage and performance metrics and access insightful live call stats for your organization.

Icon of a health pack to represent system health monitoring.

Real-time system health monitoring

Configure proactive alerts to notify admins of system or network failure and even diagnose unplugged cords.