Video Conferencing in Education and Schools

The goal of education is to create the best opportunities for learning for as many people as possible.

Not all educational institutions or students, however, are set up to experience all the world has to teach them. Video conferencing solutions for education, from Lifesize, can bring the world to your classroom more simply and cost-effectively than you’d imagine.

We invite you to explore how video conferencing from Lifesize will help you optimize learning opportunities and extend the reach of your classroom. Read more about the Lifesize solutions that will help you achieve your education goals.

How Lifesize Helps Education

  • Enhance Curriculum

    Educators all want to make coursework more engaging, despite limited resources. Video conferencing solutions for education, from Lifesize, let educators enhance their curricula without straining resources. Imagine a class enriched through the addition of virtual field trips, collaboration exercises with remote classrooms and accessibility to subject-matter experts all around the globe. From visiting world-renowned museums to hearing about the stars from the astronauts who have seen them from space, Lifesize facilitates interactive learning experiences through the power of HD video conferencing.

  • Enable Distance Learning

    Challenges such as classroom accessibility, travel constraints, weather conditions and schedule conflicts can limit the reach of learning, complicating the process. With video conferencing solutions for education, from Lifesize, you can extend learning, live or on demand, to homebound students, remote campuses and people with scheduling conflicts. Stream, record and replay learning sessions and maximize the reach of education.

  • Foster Collaboration

    Collaboration is one of the most important tools in education. From working on team projects to learning more about the people on that team, video conferencing solutions from Lifesize help foster effective collaboration and enable a more engaging learning experience for projects with students in the same school or on different continents.

  • Optimize Learning Opportunities

    Learning opportunities are optimized when they are streamed, recorded and available for replay with the push of a button. Video conferencing solutions for education, from Lifesize, lets students and educators alike learn on the schedule that suits them best. Lifesize enables the delivery of education in HD video whether from the comfort of a desk in an office or on a mobile device while on the go.

  • Integrate with Blackboard Learn™

    Lifesize UVC Video Center offers integration via a simple plug-in with the Blackboard Learn platform, which serves thousands of higher education, K–12, professional, corporate and government organizations. With Lifesize UVC Video Center working behind the scenes, teachers can make live or recorded videos part of their daily course materials. Additionally, students and educators can view and play back HD-quality video from the Blackboard Learn web-based interface, accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

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